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Unrealistic Expectations & Ineffective Communication

For all who wish to explore the experience of enhanced communication within your relationships.

In my nearly 20 years of experience as a therapist, behavior coach and teacher, I have encountered communication as one of the most common causes of relationship challenges. 

There is no topic that is not impacted by communication effectiveness.  In fact, research shows that the way couples, families and teams communicate is one of the primary indicators of success and satisfaction. 

The programming listed below addresses communication effectiveness and the awareness and tools necessary to increase success and satisfaction within any home, athletic environment or work team.    

Within each program offered participants will:

  • Use tools specifically designed to understand the primary communication styles of each participant; inclusive of self.  In other words; the how of one's communication.
  • Explore the motivation behind each participants' communication style; the why of one's communication.
  • Create a common language that will enhance communication interaction and effectiveness. 
  • Address specific relationship and communication patterns and explore the impact on the individuals and relationships overall.
  • Gain self-awareness and tools that will increase understanding and decrease judgement, gaining skills and techniques in which communication can be enhanced.  


Self and other awareness, increased appreciation and understanding, decreased judgement, increased communication effectiveness and cohesiveness.  You will walk away with very specific skills and tools that will assist you in communicating more effectively within any environment.    

Cost and Payment Options

  • Communication Workshop (Group format) - meeting one night per week for five weeks.  
    • Total cost per couple for all five weeks is $350.00. (This includes on-line profile for each individual, any materials utilized, and five 2-hour group meetings.)
      • Additional sessions following group completion will be at an additional cost and discussed with therapist. 
  • Communication programming (Couple only format) - meeting individually with therapist for 5 weeks, 1.5 hrs / session.  Follow-up sessions at 3 months and 6 months. 
    • Total cost per couple, for five sessions is $550.00 (This includes on-line profile for each individual, any materials utilized, and five 1.5 hr. sessions.)


  • General Communication Enhancement Services:
    • (Couple Only Format) - 8-week Communication Enhancement Program for couples at any stage of a relationship.  For those wishing to participate in a more in-depth counseling/coaching process.  
      • Cost per couple - $800.00 (this includes on-line profile for each individual, any materials utilized, and eight 1.5 hr. sessions plus 2 follow up sessions.  Dependent upon the nature of the services offered, insurance may be an appropriate payment option.   
    • Individual Communication Services - Profiling tool to be utilized as a supplement to the counseling process.  In addition to the cost of individual counseling services, there is a $100.00, one time only, fee for the assessment tool and all supplemental supplies associated with the profile.
      • Cost per individual - Profiling tool cost in addition to individual counseling cost specific to individual's payment method. 
    • Team Communication Services - Small work group, Athletic Team Communication services, or other team development.  If interested, please contact me directly to discuss the specifics of the service being sought.
      • Cost to be discussed based upon service requested.


10% discount if paid in full prior to the first session for all self-pay programming.  There are also payment options available to be discussed on an individual basis.  You may choose to break the payment into 2, 3, or 4 payments.

Are you interested?

I can be reached via the "Contact Me" section of my website or via phone at 585-296-4012.





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